Document Supply Request


Is there an item you need eg book, chapter, journal article, conference paper, report etc. that is not in the Lanchester Library? If so you can request it using a Document Supply Request form.

We will then request it from the British Library or other academic library.

Please fill in the form details, Click on ‘I agree’ to the copyright statement once you have read it and click on ‘Save’. You cannot make requests for someone else.
The form will be reviewed and processed by the Document Supply Staff.

Items are usually supplied within five working days, sometimes less if the British Library can supply. If not the item can take longer as we have to source a copy from another library.

Undergraduates and Postgraduates will be charged £2 per request. This will appear on your library account once you have received the item.

Books are loaned to you for a period of approximately 4 weeks.
Copies of articles are normally sent to your university email address for you to print out and keep. Please delete the e-copy once you have printed the document.

Alternatively if you want the Lanchester library to purchase a book for its permanent collection please use the Suggest a Book form.



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